Twin Towers

The Gulberg Twin Tower is the work of Al Ghani Group. The Gulberg Twin Tower is an excellent residential and commercial area. A piece of royal outer and exquisite outer beauty.

Located near the Islamabad Expressway and Benazir
International Airport

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Twin Towers

Twin Towers are amazing inside and out. They are a symbol of the magnificent lifestyle of living and trading with equally beautiful interiors and exterior. There will be several floors with a large outdoor seating area on the third floor to give guests and residents the opportunity to enjoy their food and the beautiful climate of Islamabad, all at the same time. The shopping mall is designed to immerse visitors with a great deal of experience with state-of-the-art facilities and the availability of high quality domestic and international products. Similarly, these apartments are designed to accommodate the luxury of Gulberg, providing a royal experience for its residents.

 it is strategically located to give citizens and visitors the opportunity to access and travel easily in the capital and the surrounding plains. Because of its central location, it is surrounded by higher education institutions, restaurants and hospitals.


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    Shopping centre

    Management Office

    Luxurious apartments


    The Perfect Location

    Located near the Islamabad Expressway and Benazir
    International Airport.
    Exact location ,Plot # 01, MR 9, Block C Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad Capital Territory


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